La Demeure Montaigne.

Located at 18 rue Clément Marot, a few steps from Avenue Montaigne, this 5-star spa hotel combines the excellence of the French hotel industry with the charm of a private mansion where Parisian spirit and contemporary luxury are combined. Behind its majestic Haussmannian façade, this timeless address - with its bistronomic restaurant, hidden bar and Thalgo Institute - invites you to experience Paris. From the outset, the large lobby gives the measure of the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity. Between lightness and carefreeness, like the sumptuous chandelier made of feathers that responds to the flowery frescoes and the dozens of bouquets scattered around. With the intimacy it exudes, La Demeure Montaigne is an unclassifiable and intimate place, which welcomes epicureans and lovers of Paris. Although La Demeure Montaigne has the luxury of a large house, it is first and foremost a place where the art of entertaining is reinvented.